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Advent Anticipation

on December 13, 2016


Being Christian is a big part of my life. I go to church (almost every week, some weeks I have to work Broncos games), I teach Sunday School to the littles of our church. I enjoy the fellowship very much, they are one of my communities, and the community I see the most outside of family. Since taking my new job, working for a regional church office, I have had to learn what it means to do social media for a church community. I started this job right before Advent began and so much of my education thus far has been about Advent.

Now, I’ll admit that growing up Catholic, I really was not aware of the meaning of Advent, other than a countdown to Christmas. Not to say it was not taught to me, I just didn’t really pay attention at that time. It was not until I joined my current church and got involved with educating these little kiddos that I really understood why we do Advent. It is much more than eating a piece of chocolate each day, or seeing what Lego piece is in the box for that day’s countdown. I have always know that Jesus is the reason for the season for me, but Advent puts so much more substance behind it.

I think my favorite part of Advent is the anticipation. I mean, I know the story, I know at the end of the book Jesus will be born, but the anticipation of knowing this during this season fills my heart. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and the pageant is has become, the tree, the cards, the fat man, the lights, the parties, the baking, the gifts; but in recent years it has become about the build up. The feeling I get when I walk into church each week and know that we are preparing for something great. We are looking forward to the birth of this great man who had great ideas. We are looking forward to the Hope this brings to our minds. We are looking forward to the Joy this brings to our church.We are looking forward to the Peace this can bring to our nations. We are looking forward to the Love this will bring to our hearts. We are looking forward to Jesus, to help us find all four of these pieces of this large puzzle of life.

I know there are people who read my blog who are not Christian or have their own questions or doubts and I welcome the conversation about any of that. I am not a person who believes that everyone has to be Christian. I do love every person regardless of their personal beliefs, it is not my place to make you believe what I believe, but love you for who you are in my life. I hope you all can love me for who I am in my life and for what I believe.

My hope is that everyone can feel some anticipation during this season and find a little Hope, Joy, Peace and Love in waiting for something great in their lives.


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