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2016 In Review…


Well, I don’t know about all of you, but I am really ready to say goodbye to 2016. However, I am not the most excited for 2017, frankly I nervous, but we will get into that later. 2016 was not totally horrible to me but it did have some low points. Let chat about this a little.

New Job…

As you read last month, I did get a new job this year. This was a blessing in my life. The pace of my life has slowed down and I have been able to spend more time with my family. It has been such a strange transition. I have always been used to having my time jammed packed, when you work for a large Non-Profit you wear so many hats to fill your time, and with this job the pace is just a little slower that I have had to figure out how to relax. What a wonderful problem to have in my life. The other wonderful part of this job is I get to work with a lot of wonderful people in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) every day. What a wonderfully, supportive and compassionate group of people to work with.

The boy is growing…

My little man is getting too big for his britches. This year brought so many changes in our world. He finished 4th grade and started 5th. He started his 2nd year of playing the saxophone, had his first musical experience (cast member of Lion King, Jr.). He turned 11, one more step to the teenage years (that mom is not ready for). He joined his Student Leadership Team at school and it is great to see him take on more leadership roles and bloom in this program. He spent a week at church camp again this year and is already looking forward to another week this coming summer. We have had our ups and downs, but I think this is par for the course when it comes to kids this age. He is learning about who he is and developing into the good young man mom is desperately trying to mold him into.


Marriage is great, most of the time. I think everyone who is married would agree with this statement. There is not a whole lot of news here because the hubbs and I are doing well. trying our best to stay on the same page while parenting, keeping each other in sight and not letting the little person zap all of our energy for each other. Not a easy task but still very important to both of us.


As you may have ready earlier this year, this musical has taken over my world. I have not been this enthralled with a musical in quite some time and never this much. The last one I was obsessed with was Rent but it was not to this degree. Lin Manual Miranda has written the best musical in my opinion. For the last 6 months or so this soundtrack has consumed my playlists (almost daily). There is a podcast I eagerly wait for each Monday. I ordered the Ron Chernow book that inspired the musical (this is my next read). I asked for several Hamilton items for Christmas (my family fulfilled those items on my wish list since they know how obsessed I have been). I am keeping my eye out for when this show comes to Denver. It is scheduled to come during the 2017-2018 season at the DCPA. I am trying to hold out that long.

The Election…

This was one of the low points for me in 2016. It was not a secret that I was a Clinton supporter and I was stunned and saddened on November 8th. Now don’t take this wrong, I am not sad that my candidate lost (that is always a possibility), I was the most sad that she lost to him. I was very sad that our country decided that it was better to elect a vial man who does not care about the American people before they elected a woman who was very qualified (almost over qualified). Ever since that fateful day in November, our country has seemed little more that a glorified reality television show. He has seemed to parade the  basket of deplorable people through his huge tower (Freud would have a hay day with this man), and announce imbecile after imbecile for his cabinet.   The things that come from Twitter from this man each day just floors me daily. I’m so disappointed in GOP who are now supporting him (who hated on him during the election), they are really putting their party and need for power ahead of what is best for our country.

The year my childhood died…

We lost so many great musicians this year: David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Leonard Cohen, Glen Frey.

We also lost a lot of other great people (actors/athletes/etc.) this year: John Glenn, Alan Rickman, Florence Henderson, Alan Thicke, Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali, Gary Shandling and just today Carrie Fisher (may the Force be with her).

My inner 80’s child is mourning the loss of all these great entertainers and I hope there is a raging party going on in heaven.

What does 2017 have in store…

I am hoping 2017 brings more love and laughter to my family. I hope 2017 can bring some feeling of togetherness in our country (even if the premise is disgust for one person). On January 21st I will be marching in the Women’s March in Denver (please join  me if you live in the Denver area) and we will be marching for Women’s rights. Ethan will be finishing up 5th grade and getting ready for this last year in elementary school (big man on campus). He will be heading to another week of church camp and I will be joining him this year as a counselor.  I’m sure 6th grade and turning 12 will bring its own set of challenges to our world but God willing we will face them head on (maybe with a margarita in my hand).

I hope 2016 leaves you well and 2017 brings you all the happiness you deserve in your life. Thank you for reading my blog this year and I hope you will keep reading in the new year!!


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Advent Anticipation


Being Christian is a big part of my life. I go to church (almost every week, some weeks I have to work Broncos games), I teach Sunday School to the littles of our church. I enjoy the fellowship very much, they are one of my communities, and the community I see the most outside of family. Since taking my new job, working for a regional church office, I have had to learn what it means to do social media for a church community. I started this job right before Advent began and so much of my education thus far has been about Advent.

Now, I’ll admit that growing up Catholic, I really was not aware of the meaning of Advent, other than a countdown to Christmas. Not to say it was not taught to me, I just didn’t really pay attention at that time. It was not until I joined my current church and got involved with educating these little kiddos that I really understood why we do Advent. It is much more than eating a piece of chocolate each day, or seeing what Lego piece is in the box for that day’s countdown. I have always know that Jesus is the reason for the season for me, but Advent puts so much more substance behind it.

I think my favorite part of Advent is the anticipation. I mean, I know the story, I know at the end of the book Jesus will be born, but the anticipation of knowing this during this season fills my heart. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and the pageant is has become, the tree, the cards, the fat man, the lights, the parties, the baking, the gifts; but in recent years it has become about the build up. The feeling I get when I walk into church each week and know that we are preparing for something great. We are looking forward to the birth of this great man who had great ideas. We are looking forward to the Hope this brings to our minds. We are looking forward to the Joy this brings to our church.We are looking forward to the Peace this can bring to our nations. We are looking forward to the Love this will bring to our hearts. We are looking forward to Jesus, to help us find all four of these pieces of this large puzzle of life.

I know there are people who read my blog who are not Christian or have their own questions or doubts and I welcome the conversation about any of that. I am not a person who believes that everyone has to be Christian. I do love every person regardless of their personal beliefs, it is not my place to make you believe what I believe, but love you for who you are in my life. I hope you all can love me for who I am in my life and for what I believe.

My hope is that everyone can feel some anticipation during this season and find a little Hope, Joy, Peace and Love in waiting for something great in their lives.


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changeI have always felt like Fall and Spring are times of change. The weather changes, the foliage changes, my animals either gain or loose fur and the time changes. This Fall I have made a big change as well. I changed jobs. I had been working at Tennyson Center for Children for almost 10 years and still enjoyed the work and the mission of the organization. I must say that I have loved working for non-profits for the last…almost 20 years…wow that was hard to type out.

I am a big believer that you have to take opportunities when they are staring you in the face with a flashing neon sign. That seems what has happened to me this time. So, I have been on the Board of Directors for the Central Rocky Mountain Region of the Christian Church Disciples of Christ and the office was looking for an Executive Assistant to help the Executive Regional Minister and help run the office. This job seemed right up my alley, flexible work schedule (including telecommuting), working for the denomination I am a member of, serving others including working closely with clergy. I am excited to be in charge of the social media, follow me on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

When I put in my notice to my last job, the most frequent question I was asked was, “Will this job keep you busy enough?” My answer is, after just starting my 3rd week, Yes and there was no reason to be as busy as I was in the first place. My pace of life seems to have calmed down, I have more time with my family, more time to make good meals, more time to do some of the things I have been wanting to do for a while (volunteer at my kiddo’s school). This seems to be a job that really fits me, I really like to be a support person but I don’t always do well in high stress situations. This job simply makes me happy!!

I am getting ready for Christmas, family coming for a visit, winter and a little more snow (especially because I will just work from home on the snowy days), more quality time with my family. I have a lot of great things to look forward to and that is where my focus is right now.  I hope everyone is ready for some great changes in their life that I am sure will be coming your way, remember to look for those neon signs that show up in your face!!



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