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Oh America…

on November 22, 2016


Well, I didn’t think I was going to make a post about all that has happened during this election cycle. I really thought the outcome would be different so I didn’t have a post planned out for this time. However, seeing as how this outcome seems to have turned the country on its ear, I thought I would throw in my two cents!!

First of all, I know you can tell by now that I am a huge bleeding heart liberal and as you might have guessed I was a Hillary supporter. I tweeted and posted on Facebook many times with the #ImWithHer. Let me put it out there, I was not with her in the beginning. I was not really feeling the Bern either. I was having a hard time with the candidates this year. However, since my party named her as the candidate, I firmly stood behind her and cheered her on. I did like the notion of having the first female president, I mean, we are really WAY behind other countries when it comes to letting women into positions of power.  As the campaign went on, I got more and more excited about this possibility. I know she had controversy, Oh the damned emails, and people thought she was sick, and so on. But really, most of my thoughts were positive because who would think that our country would rather have a racist Orange asshole in office rather than a flawed woman. I was confident she would win, most people I know were voting for her….at least I assumed.

Then election night came, I know some of you were feeling the same way I was that night. Looking for the path to 270. crossing all my fingers and toes. Assuring my son that it will all work out in the end for her (I think I needed the reassuring just as much as he did). Looking at my husband as the night got later and later and the amount of words said between us with only our sad, sad eyes could have filled the room. I fell asleep on the couch because I knew my hubby would stay up to the bitter end. I told him to wake me up if something major happened. He only woke me up to tell me that he was making an acceptance speech. At that moment, I think the world stopped spinning.

The next day was Ethan’s birthday, when he went to sleep that night he told me that he really wanted to have Hillary as his president for his birthday. When I went to wake him up that morning, I did all my usual crazy mom, waking you up on your birthday stuff, and then his question came, “who won the election?” I now had to break it to my son on his birthday that he had won. My son’s eye welled up a little and the next question he asked me was, “will he send Juan and his family back to Mexico?” Juan is one of Ethan’s best friends, they have know each other since Kindergarten, had many sleepovers, dinners at each other’s houses, swimming on endless summer days together and riding bikes to the moon and back. This question broke my heart because I didn’t have an answer for him and I was scared for Juan’s family as well.

Fast forward to this week. We have been living in this crazy world for two weeks now and it seems like it has been an eternity. My husband and I can’t shaking our heads about all the choices that are being made for his cabinet. Laughing at the endless Twitter rants knowing they are only going to get worse as time goes on. The worst happened on Sunday when Ethan came home from playing with Juan and told us that Juan’s family has decided to move to Mexico and more sadness came across my sweet boy’s face. I don’t want him to know this hurt, the hurt you feel when you move away from a good friend. I especially don’t want him to feel this hurt because he was elected. I know there is very little I can do to help him feel good about this, but to be honest, I really don’t blame Juan’s family one bit because if it were me, I would leave too. I know my family is privileged to because we are not people of color and we won’t know the same kind of fear, but I do feel fear for a lot of people I care about. I fear for my LGBTQ friends and their rights, I fear for my African-American friends and their rights, I fear for any friends who are not Christian and their rights, I fear for myself and my other woman friends and our rights.  I never thought I would have to feel this fear in my own country…but I do.

I hope we can all come together and stand up for the rights of ALL the people who live in this country, no matter their race, gender/identity, sexual orientation, religious preference and political views. We need to bring this country together and fight for OUR rights as Americans.

Be kind to one another….


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