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The Heart of the Matter…

on October 12, 2016

the-heart-of-the-matter-1-638So last week I had to take my mama to the hospital for a procedure. This was a procedure called a Right Heart Catheter, and it is basically used as a diagnostic procedure. This is the third time she has had this procedure and I’m going to be honest, I am scared each time. This seems to be a quite routine procedure for cardiologists but as all invasive procedures, there are risks. I am happy to report that my mom went through without any complications, as expected.

Now the results of this diagnostic test came out to be the same as the last two times she has had this. She has a high pressure from in her heart when pumping the blood to her lungs, one of the main reasons she has to wear oxygen all the time. When the doctor came to talk to us about this he was asking about her meds and then told her that she is totally maxed out on the meds and there is no other medication options. My heart sank. Then he began to tell us that he really likes my mom and really does not want to see this medical problem defeat her. I totally agree with him.

Just a little background, my mom (and myself) is a little heavy. We are not talking about the people who are on the TV having bariatric surgery by any stretch. Although that seems to be the first option that many doctors offer to patients these days and it has been offered to my mom in the past. My mom has had her fair share of surgeries and is not looking to have another at this time. Back on track…So this doctor was very kind and talked to us both about the reason he is telling my mom she needs to lose weight. The number one reason, this pressure in her heart will shut down her body if left untreated, and since the meds are maxed out, she really has to do this by losing weight. Now, I am not a small girl either and have struggled with a weight problem my whole adult life, so I really felt like this doctor was also speaking to me and saying this could be you in 22 years too. There are many, many ways I aspire to be like my mom, however, her medical conditions are not in that category.

So I think where I am going with this blog post is that my mama and I have a lot to think about and take action. We both have to lose weight because there is a little boy that will one day graduate from High School, College and beyond, he will get married, and have his own kids and both my mom and I want to be there to see all those things happen to my wonder boy! I will update our progress on here and let you all be a part of our journey.


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