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on September 16, 2016


Let me start by saying that I am completely OBCESSED this this musical and the soundtrack. I listen to several podcasts, and many of them have been talking about Hamilton and had many of the cast members on their shows. So I thought I needed to hear this soundtrack for myself. Once I listened for the first time, I was hooked!!! It really does not take much for me love a musical, I often have background music in my head that could serve as my own life soundtrack, Jenni! The Musical!!

I knew very little about Alexander Hamilton before listening to this soundtrack. In fact, I had no idea who the old, white guy was on the $10 bill (oops, public school history failure). Somehow American History was either not the focus in my high school or I just blocked all that stuff out because I really don’t recall much about this time period. Well, since I didn’t know much, I started where we all should start, Google, and began to read up about this man and what his contributions were to our country. Let me tell you, he was amazing!! If you don’t know his story, take some time to use Google and look him up too!

As for the musical, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius!! He based a lot of this musical on the book Alexander Hamilton written by Ron Chernow and gave the musical a Hip Hop score. The brilliance of this just blows my mind. This is a total triple threat, history lesson, musical and music I can dance to. I really had no idea how important this mas was to our country and because of this brilliant musical I have once again been thrust into wanting to learn more about this man, and the other influential people of this era.

In school, history was not my thing, I love to hear the stories about history but I was not into memorizing dates and timelines surrounding these stories. If that was the case in a class I really did what I could to survive that class and get a good grade. Besides, I was way to busy learning really hard math (Trig & Calc)  and didn’t need anymore numbers in my head! However, if my history teacher had come to me with this soundtrack and or actually going to see this on stage, as many students in NYC have been able to do thanks to Mr. Miranda, I would have been much more interested. Now, I am beginning to research who were the strong, influential women of this time and how did they impact the start of this nation. Stay tuned….

In the mean time, I am going to keep listening to this soundtrack, wait for the musical to arrive in Denver (2017-2018 season) and pray I can afford and get tickets, and listen to the podcast that was started about this phenomenon called The Room Where Its Happening co-hosted by Mike Drucker and  Travon Free who bring on some of the cast members and other wonderful guests all to talk about how much they love this musical.

Please take some time in your life and check this musical out, listen to the soundtrack and/or the podcast and let this soak into your soul. You won’t regret any of this!



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