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I am wondering when our society decided it was okay for people to be expected to work on their vacation. We live in such a fast paced world and companies decide to place so much responsibility on each employee that it seems the world can’t turn if someone is out of the office.

This might be self imposed by the employee but often is demanded by their boss or the company. It seems to me that this might be the reason employees get burned out at their jobs and move on. When you do get to take a “vacation” you come back to so much work it really makes you think twice before booking that time away form the office. Why has our culture decided that we don’t need breaks.

Working through lunches, not taking breaks (since most of us don’t smoke), staying late at the office, coming in early to get stuff done. Our country has become accustomed and expected to be work-a-holics. There are times I don’t ever feel like I get to leave the office, I get texts from co-workers about work related items, I get my work email on my phone (which I usually switch off when I am not at work), I get called when I am on vacation. This just seems like a very unhealthy Work/Home blend!!

I recently read an article about a company that is actually paying their employees to take tech-free vacations. Let me say this again, they are PAYING their employees a substantial sum of money to take a vacation and un-plug!!! I think the issue is American companies really need to take a look a where their value lies. They see employees as expendable, if this person won’t work on their vacation, there are three more lined up who will. It is really hard to be loyal to a company who does not value your time away from the job!

Iworking on vacation hope everyone was able to have some time off with their families this past holiday weekend and you were able to un-plug and really be with your family and not like this guy! It is so hard to be present with all the technology these days and even harder when your job expects you to respond while away from the office.




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