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on May 11, 2016

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I’m going to start off by saying, I am not a pot head. Although to be honest, I have smoked some Marijuana, Pot, Weed, MaryJane, Bud (Insert your favorite name here) in my life.

The reason this topic has me on my soapbox today is this…There is a new report out by AAA Foundation that is talking about the number of fatal accidents where the person at fault has MJ in their system have doubled (in WA). I heard about this report on my local news station here in CO, you know because we also have legal MJ here in CO so this must be what we need to report. Now, if you don’t care about what I have to say and you only want to read the report for yourself, the full report can be found on the AAA Foundation’s website, here is the link to the page you can find the full report.

Now, here is my $0.02 on this matter. I really don’t think legal MJ is to blame for more accidents or deaths in the states where it is legal. The report did say that some of these people did not have alcohol in their system but let’s get real, these people could have smoked a couple days ago and still have THC showing up in their system. There is not a test out there that can tell authorities when this person smoked last. All the tests can show is the amount of TCH in their system. Then when you get the media involved in this discussion everything seems go from Ant Hill to Mountain. (not that I am trying to downplay anyone dying in an accident.)

The reason there so much hoopla around this topic is simply because it was once a illegal substance, (still illegal on the federal level…hello federal government, you could pay off the debt in this country if you would just legalize it and tax it…just saying) and now it is legal in some states and people don’t know how to feel about it. So, all the people who refuse to educate themselves about the topic meet at  bar and have some cocktails while DRinkthey complain about this substance that is wreaking havoc in our country. Then they get into their cars, blitzed, and proceed to drive home and possibly kill a person on their way home. Somehow this is okay because alcohol has been legal for a long time.  However, the reports on DUI involving alcohol seem to be swept under the rug each year. I know M.A.D.D. puts out reports each year on this very topic. However, it never make a headline on my local station. Why is it more acceptable for people to drink and drive and not to smoke MJ and drive? Honestly, the MJ I smoked in my day, simply made me hungry then tired. I was not even trying to drive anywhere (thank goodness for Pizza delivery).

These day people use MJ for so much more than just to get high. There are so many studies out there, and an entire hospital devoted to this research in Israel, about the benCW.pngefits of MJ and other products made from MJ. Some of the conditions helped by this product: Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Cancer Pain (some research is using MJ instead of Chemo with success), Anxiety, Glaucoma, and Seizure disorders. In fact there is a strain of Cannabis Oil specifically for children, called Charlotte’s Web. This strain of oil is helping families with children who having so many seizures each day that there was not a good quality to their life and now they might have 1-2 a day and can actually go to school and learn. Tell me how this is a harmful product. If my son’s doc told me that this would help with any condition, you bet I would do anything I could to get my hands on some.

Let’s be real everyone, what we are talking about is a plant that helps people. It helps medically, helps people relax, helps people sleep, and put some tax money back into our state. We need to let go of the stigma and image of potheads because the people you are judging might be your neighbor, co-worker or good friend. Have a great day and if you choose, roll a fatty and smoke up!



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