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Moms, The Good, The Bad and The Tired…

on May 5, 2016


Being a mom is great. I do love the fun I have with my son. I love the unconditional love I get from him. I would not trade in being a mom for anything. With all that said, the truth is, being a mom is hard. As if being a woman was not hard enough, we decided to bring a new person into this world and our lives got even more complicated.

Now, I can handle all the things in my life I have to do (most of the time) because I have chosen to make these things a priority in my life. I know how busy I want to be and I can handle that. There are things in my world that I don’t take on because I just don’t have the time.

This brings me to the point of the mom shaming. There are moms out there (you know who you are) who make sure everything is perfect. Perfect lunches everyday for your kids (I mean, does your kid really need star shaped cheese in their lunch), perfect snacks with the perfect amount of (or lack there of) sugar for the class. Perfect birthday parties for their children. I mean I really don’t know how these women find the time. I am a full-time working mom and I am just happy to wake up with enough time to make a lunch for my kid and throw a frozen meal in my bag for my lunch (that I might get to busy at work to eat).

I recently saw the trailer for “Bad Moms” a new movie out that is highlighting (in a funny, exaggerated way) the “Mom Battles.” Now this movie looks hilarious and I already have several mom friends planning viewing parties (with cocktails!!) and I can’t wait to see it. However, it does touch on a subject that is near and dear to most of us moms. Why do we feel the need to compete with each other and shame each other if we don’t think they other is good enough? Check out the trailer, beware it is funny and you might need a Poise Pad, just saying!

At the end of the day we will all have those moms in our lives that make us feel inferior because we didn’t breast feed or we breast fed too long, we vaccinated or we didn’t vaccinate, we feed our kids processed food or we are the “all organic” family. My thought is this, if all living beings in my house are alive I feel like my job is done. No disasters happened, everyone is accounted for, everyone was fed (maybe it was fast food, but they ate), everyone is fairly clean, everyone is safe and sound. This feels like a great day to me and I can go to bed and get up tomorrow and do it all over. Let’s all follow Ellen’s advice and “Be Kind To One Another”



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