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Parenting…..I love it and I hate it

on March 30, 2016

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Eleven years ago I was in the very early stages of pregnancy. I was already in love with the little person growing inside me. I loved being pregnant. I loved having this little being with me all the time. I had a pretty easy pregnancy, very little illness, and just a couple bumps in the road. My hubby and I were so happy to become parents. We knew there would be hard times, we were reading the books and preparing our house and ourselves. When we found out that we were having a boy, out lives felt complete and we began to prepare even further. Picking a name that had a meaning was important to us and we decided on Ethan, meaning Strong. And strong we got!!

Ethan in hat

This sweet little boy came into our lives a little early and he was such a good baby! He slept well, he ate well, he was a happy baby and we knew we had hit the jackpot!! Life was cruising along and he was growing fast, learning a lot and it was such a joy to learn about the world through the eyes of a child. We loved taking him to the mountains and teaching him about nature. Trips to the zoo had a very new meaning and so many sounds to learn. We quickly found out that our son has a great sense of humor and loved to be silly! I mean really, we are raising a clown!!


Raising a clown can be very fun and very  frustrating at the same time. Not to mention our son is a Scorpio, which is a whole other blog post in itself. Once Ethan turned 4, our world changed. He was becoming more “strong” or maybe just headstrong. I have to say he does come by some of these traits quite naturally (one or more of his parents are headstrong and opinionated, one might even be classified as being bossy). We quickly learned that Ethan is quite inquisitive and loves to have the “knowledge” of all things in the world. This is when parenting really got hard. I don’t have all the answers to his questions and while Google is great, I can’t always take that moment to look up the answer, they frown on looking stuff up on your phone while driving in CO! Ethan gets frustrated when you don’t have an answer for him. Trying to help a 4 year-old have reasonable expectations is quite a chore and managing his expectations is even harder.

Bossy Ethan

Now that Ethan is in school and getting older, we have gotten a better routine. I think the thing that has helped us from the start is just talking. Talking to each other to be on the same page and present a united front as parents, talking to Ethan and letting him be part of the process as much as we can while still maintaining boundaries. The things I hate the most about parenting are very similar to many parents; the worrying, the feeling inadequate, the “am I going to screw my kid up” feeling we all have. My hubby and I mess up as parents, I don’t know any parents who don’t mess up. What we really try to do is, once all is calmer, sit down with Ethan and talk it out. Apologize to him for things we could have done differently and talk about what he could have done differently. We are trying to teach him that conflicts are not one sided and both parties have a hand in what happened and have to have a hand in resolving the conflict too. I hope we are teaching him to be mindful of himself and thoughtful of others. This is a great reminder to me as well to be mindful of myself and thoughtful of others. They say you learn the most by teaching and boy is that statement so true of parenting.

I do love being a parent, teaching him, playing with him, new adventures, learning more than I ever wanted to know about: Airplanes, 18-wheeler trucks, nuclear power, the Titanic, the largest ships in the world. I hate that I have to constantly worry about him, I really hate when he is sick and I feel helpless, when he is sad my heart breaks. This is truly the hardest job I have ever done and I would not trade any moment of it. Ethan is the joy of my life and I thank God each day for this silly, inquisitive, STRONG boy in my life!


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