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For the love of reading…

on March 22, 2016

untitledFor many years I described myself as “just not a big reader.” I read a lot in college and most of that was assigned reading and for whatever reason in my head that turned me off of reading for quite some time. Now, I can’t say I didn’t read at all from college until now (ahem…20 years or so), I became quite the magazine reader.  When I got pregnant with Ethan I began my non-fiction portion of my reading journey and continued that for quite some time. I found this type of reading very utilitarian and serving a purpose in my life. I can’t say that I particularly enjoyed this type of reading either, it evoked similar feelings as the assigned college reading did and so it really didn’t last. It was back to magazines and at that point, reading books to Ethan that had no more than 4 words on each page and very cute pictures.

Part of my problem with reading is that I am a slow reader, my mind often wanders while I am reading and I end up reading the same page several times.  I have often watched my hubby sit in our living room with the television on, our son running around, the dog barking and me blabbing about something and he is lost in the book he is reading, oblivious to the world around him. I’ll admit that at times this pissed me off, mainly because I am envious that I can’t really do that. I don’t have the ability to read and have other things going on around me, especially stuff with Ethan.

The Help

A couple summers ago I decided that I was going to utilize public transportation to work (I have a very long commute) and decided to pick up a book that my friend had given me called The Help. I had heard from several friends that this book was great and since I had it in my possession I decided to give fiction reading the old “college try” again. I was immediately hooked on this book. It was so well written and the characters were developed so well that I fell in love. I read various other books that summer on my transit commute, but this is the one that stands out in my mind at the one that pulled me back in. Now, I can’t say that I jumped in with both feet into the reading pool. When that summer was over and I went back to my regular driving routine, my reading dropped of once again. Life just seemed to get in the way…


Fast forward to last fall, the same friend gave me another book. It was all the rage and she had bought it without knowing much about it and all I knew was it was the first book in a trilogy. When my friend gave me this book she told me a little about it and that I might not want to read it in public. Yes, it is true. I got tangled in the Fifty Shades Trilogy web. I will admit at first I had a very hard time getting into the book. Fifty Shade of Grey was a little slow and the writing was not the very best. However, the character development was there and that is what hooked me. It took me quite some time to finish this book, I would go through spurts of reading and then put it down. Then Ethan and I took a trip to Nashville!! On the plane rides I got into the meat of the book and when I got home I had to finish it. Once I finished Fifty Shade of Grey I had to get the others, I had to know how this whole story ended. With books in hand, I became like my hubby, able to block the world out and read about the kinky, dramatic love story of Anastasia and Christian. By the end of Fifty Shade Freed I was in love with these characters. Some people might call me obsessed (I do subscribe to some FanGirl blogs and websites that are dedicated to all things Grey), but call it what you like, E.L. James had pushed me into the deep end of the fiction pool again.


I have recently discovered the joy that is audio books. This has turned my long commute into a very enjoyable time of my day. The first three books I got for this audio journey were The Hunger Games Trilogy. I had not seen the movies and wanted to check out these books and I will say, they were fantastic. The narrator was quite good and kept my attention. I tried to listen to these at work as well but found myself being quite unproductive at times and I was just entrenched in the story of Katniss and Peeta and all the other fantastic characters in these books. Even tough I have listened to these books, I think I will try to grab them from the used book store next time I am there just to have the copies. I will probably like to read them again.

The Stand

Now, my hubby is a huge Stephen King fan and he has told me about several of the books. I did read some King when I was in college, The Green Mile & The Dark Half, but I had not gotten into his longer books. Since I was utilizing my free trial of I thought it was a great time to dive in head first to the big bad world of King. I decided to start with The Stand. This seems to be a quintessential good vs. evil book that has many twists and turns. I was prepared for some gore and big battles. I was pleasantly surprised when what I found was a story that felt relatable in today’s world. I felt a spiritual connection with this book and many of the characters in it. In the 48+ hours that I listened to this story, I came to care about many of the characters on both sides of the fight. The journeys of Nick, Tom, Stu, Frannie, Larry, Trashcan Man, Randall Flagg and Mother Abigail spurred me on to keep listening and not wanting the story to end. I would talk to my hubby at night about the parts I had listened to that day and found myself awed that one person could come up with such a story and tie it all together so nicely.

I am so glad I have decided to jump back into reading again. My hubby and son both love reading and inspired me to get back into this wonderful hobby. I feel like I have been on many journeys, had my heart broken, stood up and cheered, made new friends and enriched my life for knowing these stories. I hope you all find as much joy in whatever hobby you might have. My new favorite card in my wallet is my library card and I intend to put it to great use this year. You can follow my progress on and please request to be my friend as well.

Happy Reading!!! ~~ Jenni


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